Friday, April 14, 2006

Walk Bike & Run Update

I've been plugging away at my goal of walking, biking or running on every street in the City while on City Council.

The City is hillier than I thought. Although I have been running in the city for almost 25 years (including the 10 miler several times) my routes are usually the larger streets - Main, Preston, Rugby, Park, JPA - which are on generally flatter and the hills less steep than many neighborhood streets. And there are a lot of dead-end streets, many of which I have never been on. Baker Street off JPA is a steep downhill curve dead-end. Long way back up to Cherry.

This morning my run included Edgewood Lane, a beautiful hilly deadend - especially today, with the dogwoods and redbuds blooming. Edgewood is the home of some very interesting city residents - Kevin O'Halloran, who is on the planning commission; Saphira Baker, formerly director of the Commission on Children and Families, who is now Doug Wilder's Deputy CEO in Richmond; and Jeff Rossman, Professor of Russian History and civic activist, just to name a few.

On Sunday Bill Emory is taking me on a bike/walking tour of Woolen Mills. Any other tourguides out there?


Blogger onestone2973 said...


Your bike/walking tour of the city is so very cool...cooler that The Cool Honey. We'll have to call you b-man or bike-a-tron. No one I know, politico or no, has traversed the city as you're doing. So dope.

10:09 PM  
Blogger cville_skeptic said...

Thanks for visiting our street and thanks for the kind words, Mr. Mayor!

11:55 PM  

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