Tuesday, March 21, 2006

School uniforms

City council was filled last night, for the first hour of the meeting, with CHS seniors getting credit for government class (and filled because it is the end of the marking period, I think). The students were mostly African-American, and included a several kids I coached in soccer.

And Rick Turner, Dean of African-American Affairs at UVa, and the current head of the local NAACP, spoke during the public comment period and gave them plenty to think about. He was responding to Councilor Kendra Hamilton's recent comments that the middle school consider uniforms.

He talked about research that indicated that uniforms resulted in less violence and less disciplinary incidents in inner-city schools - but also resulted in lower self-esteem. I would imagine government classes had some interesting discussions today.

Thanks, Rick.


Blogger A. Toad said...

I'm not going to claim to know much about Ms. Hamilton's proposal. I don't. However as an issue alone. I think School Uniforms are a great idea.

Think about it. There's a big financial savings for the parent.

For the entire school year all you have to do is buy 1 pair of shoes and maybe 5 outfits (one for each day of the week). Plus uniforms are usually cheaper than how much one might spend in a clothing store. It would be a major savings

Additionally it cuts down on the classroom distractions of who's wearing what, who's got the new cool hip clothing item and who doesn't.

And it only starts to become controversial when one points out that school uniforms when adopted by some public schools in 'at risk' neighborhoods in southern california, helped cut down on gang violence, and I think even had a positive effect on student educational performance.

School uniforms are a win/win situation.

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