Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Week

A busy week. Especially since I try to be in my chiropractic office 30 hours a week. One child in college and another starts next year - don't quit your day job!

Monday - nothing council related, but phone calls and reviewing the budget, in preparation for this weeks work session. Started a slow-cooked pork dish in the crockpot from Rick Bayless's Everyday Mexican for dinner. Wrote a letter of recommendation for a community member nominating him for a national award. Dinner was great.

Tuesday - Lifted weights at ACAC, early. Patients in the morning (and had a family medicine resident shadowing me). In the afternoon met with the city manager for a couple of hours, mostly working on agendas for upcoming meetings. Had a meeting to get updated on some proposed county developments and implications for the city, especially roads. Met with Kirby Hutto of the Pavillion, with the Vice-Mayor Kevin Lynch and the city manager, to get updated on the Pavillion's efforts to tame the noise (serious efforts and money being spent by them to solve this). Met with councilor Blake Caravati for an hour, and then attended a Boys and Girls Club event on an anti-gang initiative. I really like what Tim Sinatra and the Club are doing. Attorney General Bob McDonnell spoke, and had a great quip about getting "20 votes in Charlottesville - and I think they are all here".

Wednesday - An early morning run. Then, along with Kevin Lynch, Gary O'Connell, School Board Chair Julie Gronlund and incoming superintendent Rosa Atkins, I met with the Board of the Chamber of Commerce - an annual early morning event to talk about a wide range of issues. It is the third time I have met Rosa Atkins and I am very impressed and excited about her bringing leadership and stability to our schools. Patients the rest of morning and early afternoon. Returned phone calls at lunch. Later, a work session 4 - 7 on the budget. Shakai (former foster child) was home and I gave him a ride back to his sister's in Friendship Court, then grabbed a slice at Christians. Finally, Harris Teeter at 9:30 pm.

Today - a morning off. Took Jean's car to Edgecombs, then went to a Pilates class. Relaxed at Cafe Cubano with the Post. Mailed a package to Greg at Earlham College. Talked to Councilor Kendra Hamilton on the phone, and briefly the City Manager. Responded to emails. Picked up some meds for my mother in law and bought a new cheap sports watch at KMart. At 2 I'll go to my office until 5 or so. Then I will meet a group of Swedish officials who are here for a couple of days, attend an hour of the North Downtown Neighborhood Board meeting, and drop by the Living Wage banquet.

Tomorrow is patients all day, and lunch with the Swedes. The Architecture School has an event at the Community Design Center in the evening that I said I would drop by. And Darrell Scott is at Gravity Lounge; Jean and I are joining another couple to hear him.

Fortunately the weekend is pretty free.


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Blogger anne metz said...

Jeeze, running, biking and pilates?

I'm sure that Rudy Guiliani, even at his strongest, never had the core strength that you do!

Not only are you dope, you're also apparently the *fittest* elected official in town!

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