Thursday, August 16, 2007

Best of C-Ville 2007

Even though I never get around to sending in a ballot for the Best of C-ville (not even the year I got Best Chiropractor, honest!) I always like to see how my favorites stack up.

Glad to see that my dentist (David Dalley) and doctor (Greg Gelburd) got the nod. Blue Wheel Bikes and Gravity Lounge - both of which I have previously singled out in this blog - also made the Best Of list.

My Pilates instructor, Robin Truxel of TruPilates, was voted runnerup. Pilates is great stuff - a very good complement to chiropractic for back pain patients - and Robin, a physical therapist by training, is fabulous.

And my current favorite restaurant - Aqui es Mexico - was also a runnerup. If you haven't tried this authentic, inexpensive Mexican - Salvadoran restaurant, on Carlton Road, be sure to.


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