Friday, April 13, 2007

To Fight Global Warming, Some Hang a Clothesline

An article in yesterday's NY Times on the trials and tribulations of hanging clothes outside to save energy caught my attention. Interesting because while Jean and I have always hung laundry outside (or in the basement, next to the furnace, in the winter), I don't think that any of my immediate neighbors do (ie, the ones whose backyards I can see).

The challenges noted in the article begin with the author's sub-division rules, which prohibit clothelines, but also include the time it takes to hang laundry vs the dryer, and that dryers result in softer towels and clothes.

But the advantages are simple - saving energy and money. Of course, there is a website devoted to the advantages of clotheslines, and next Thursday, April 19, is National Hanging Out Day.

Achieving the goals of the Mayor's Agreement on Climate Change will require all of us to make changes in our lifestyles to use less energy. Driving less. Switching to compact flourescents. Putting TVs and other appliances on power strips.

And hanging out the laundry.


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