Friday, April 27, 2007

More on Eating Local

Wednesday's NY Times food section had an article on folks who are only eating foods produced within 100 miles. Can be a challenge. One woman boiled seawater for the salt. Also articles on Prince Charles the organic farmer (who knew?) and on some organic wines - not just ecological but perhaps a way to make better wines.

And next week there will be a presentation in council chambers, on Tuesday, May 1, at 6pm by members of UVa Professors Tim Beatley and Tanya Cobb's class on "Planning for a Sustainable and Secure Community Food System". This class identified specific issues that could foster better linkages between local farms and community schools, food stores, restaurants, and residents. Beatley and Cobb's students will present a range of options that might be pursued by the community - from developing farm-to-school programs to address public health concerns with obesity and diabetes, to creation of more farmers markets throughout the region, creating easier access to food in some of Charlottesville's neighborhoods, and even assisting the creation of urban farms and gardens as well as new part-time farmers.

Should be interesting. Council passed an Eat Local resolution a couple of weeks ago, and this should help us find ways to promote this idea.


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