Monday, April 09, 2007

CHS Orchestra

The CHS Orchestra swept the awards at the Heritage Music Festival in London last week. The String Ensemble won the First Place Award for Orchestras and the Adjudicators Award for Best Orchestra; the Concert Orchestra won the Second Place Award for Orchestras. Concertmaster Shankar Srinivasan earned the Maestro Award for best solo performer of the entire festival. And to top it off, the Orchestra earned the Sweepstakes Award as Grand Champions of the festival.

Congrats, not only to Director Laura Thomas, but to all the kids and parents, and to the school programs at Walker, Buford, and Clark and Jackson-Via. And thanks to everyone who worked so hard and contributed to the fundraising - $300,000!

And thanks to Boyd Tinsley (a CHSO alum) for sponsoring a program to make private lessons available to kids from lower-income homes.

Check out the blogspot and Progress blogs for photos and commentary.


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