Monday, May 07, 2007

Number 17

Charlottesville has dropped from Number 1 to Number 17 in Cities Ranked and Rated. Gainesville, Florida is the new Number 1.

The culprit? Cost of housing and cost of living.

Gainesville better watch out.


Blogger X said...

I think a lot of why we dropped is a culmination of events. The fact that the section 8 housing areas has grown over and next to the lines of grassroots residents of C-ville is 1. Yeah, everybody need a chance but when I drive by and see the living quarters that my tax dollars have gone to, and the manor in which they are treated by the residents, it really makes me wonder where C-vill has gone and where it is going.

Here is a BIG one for you. Yes, let us build the area. Yes, let us bring revenue and quality of life to its people. Yes, let us grow as a metropolitan area for all to enjoy and prosper. When you start the construction, you leave the doors of progress open to laborers and builders. The builders and designers do well but here is where it gets rather grey. I have seen a drastic increase in illegal immigrants in the C-ville area. Not because they are using it as a thoroughfare, but that they are looking for the all mighty US$. They come here nice and quiet, hide their 3-6 children in a section 8 house and live under encampment conditions while they suck our money to send back to where they came from. Yeah, I know you libs are going to not like what I am saying but if you really want to prove your loyalty to the poor and underprivileged and "politically oppressed Mexicans".....ADOPT THEM on your tax. Sponsor them by letting them live in your home, share your families food, and wait in line at the hospital with your blue cross behind their NO INSURANCE because their 5 kids have the sniffles. If not, shut up or put up.

Believe it or not, I am not a hater, I am far from it. I do believe in the protection of life and property. These are things I see rapidly slipping away from the residents of C-ville and am using my pen, not my sword to inform you of one American man who's the son of legally constituted immigrants who truly made a difference in the American standard. I grew up with the value of doing things the right way, working hard for what you have, giving those who do it by the laws of the land a chance, and give back to the community. I love art, music, poetry, American history, charity, and science. Most of all, I love my country blindly. Ask your self how convicted you are to what you believe. Sorry for bloviating.

10:49 AM  
Blogger buster said...

got to think the mayor shoulders some of the responsibility for the decline. take a look at what we are dealing with. from someone who knows.

8:53 PM  
Blogger X said...

I am the 1st generation born here in the USA from my family. Both my parents came here legally and became American citizens. My father worked for the US government for 23 years. I served over a decade of military service. I/we will never take America for granted. NOT FOR ONE SECOND. I/we are sincerely saddened at the state of our union. How, can I/we make a difference?????? Start at home, one child at a time, one city at a time, one state at a time. How do you repair a boat that keeps taking water? First, you stop the water from coming in then you make the repairs. Close the boarders! At least, close the city boarders from those who continue to be the "leaking water". If you dont do this, eventually the boat will sink. Look at us....number 1 to number 17. It looks to me as if we are sinking. It makes me think back in American history to the 1800s when there was a weak at best quasi political party called the "Know nothings". These were a group of people who loved their country but went about it in a way unbecoming. I hope this is NOT in our future.

12:18 PM  
Blogger X said...

buster.....I can see the link.

12:18 PM  

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