Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blue Moon Diner

Great news! The Blue Moon Diner is back in the restaurant business, after a two year hiatus while owners Mark Hahn and Rob Gustafson concentrated on their catering business (Harvest Moon Catering) - and I am pleased to report it is better than ever! Laura Galgano and Rice Hall, formerly of Bizou, have joined the Diner, bringing local and heirloom ingredients to the Diner's tradition of high-quality affordable food. Jean and I ate there last night and thought it splendid. Nice selection of beers on tap, including my new favorite, Eggenberg Pilsner.

My chiropractic office used to be a few doors from the Blue Moon Diner, and I've enjoyed it through a long series of owners. Buzz and Allison White had it when I began my practice in 1982, and I got to know Jerry Danner when he ran it. Maybe my favorite incarnation was when Maggie Cox and Martha Tharpe (now Martha Woodroof, commentator for WMRA, and the original Martha of Martha's Cafe) ran it in the late 80"s. In any event a great place, with breakfast anytime.


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