Sunday, May 07, 2006

Invisible Children

A recent event that somehow generated no press (or whatever press there was, I missed) was the April 28 Invisible Children Vigil in front of City Hall - fittingly, in front of the Free Expression Monument. The issue that this vigil was trying to publicize is the plight of children and families in Northern Uganda. The brutal civil war has resulted in thousands of children being abducted and forced to become soldiers, and to avoid abduction they leave their villages and sleep in front of the city hall. So on April 28, vigils were held worldwide, including 131 US cities. Over 80 people participated here, mostly UVa students, it appeared to me.


Blogger A. Toad said...

You don't really attend these sort of functions because you expect to see press there do you?

But seriously...

Sadly enough the political and humanitarian causes on the African Continent do not get very much - if any at all - media coverage. That's historically always been the case.

I'm sure we can go down a list of reasons why it happens:

- Media companies know stories like it do not generate ratings or revenue.

- The U.S. doesn't have very many 'interests' in Africa and those they do have get the coverage the U.S. wants or needs it to get.

- Africa is a 'money pit'. As much as we put in it still needs more and more and more.

- Do we really want a continent the size of Africa to compete with us for natural resources the same way China and the rest of the developed countries do?

It's something else to think about. It doesn't make the tragedies there any less tragic.

Still, somebody needs to be aware of the humanitarian tragedies on the African continent if only because events like that deserve at the very least a moment of silence in acknowlegement that it happened and is happening. And someone somewhere, though powerless to prevent it should stand up and take notice.

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