Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dennis Kucinich

This has been a remarkable year as far as presidential politics go. First Clinton, then Obama, and now Kucinich have had Charlottesville events. At the moment I cannot recall that any candidates for President, pre or post nomination, have visited here before. Clinton came here after he was elected, and Edwards and Gore were here for campaign events for Kaine and LF, respectively.

In any event I chose not to attend the Clinton event (sorry but I am not a Hillary fan), was wowed by Obama at the Pavillion, and got to meet Kucinich on Friday. Kucinich was inspiring, articulate and I agreed with him on almost everything he said. Lots of friends in the audience. A great event.

My first choice remains Edwards, though.


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Audio and video is now posted at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.

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