Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vertical Sprawl

A lot of controversy in Charlottesville revolves around development - infill development, increased density, tall buildings. Partly this arises from people wanting to live here, and the market responding to demand; part is due to rising prices making it feasible to build on difficult parcels (many times, in my opinion, parcels that never should have been zoned for development in the first place), and finally because of the zoning ordinance passed 3 years ago (before I joined council), allowing more density. In any event, density that may, as former Mayor Maurice Cox argues, allow for much better transit and walkability - but that certainly generates concerns about traffic, noise, parking, etc.

Yesterday the Times had an article titled Cities Grow Up, and Some See Sprawl on these controversies around the country - in places like Austin, Denver, DC, Palo Alto and Seattle. Another example of how the problems we face here are generally being faced by cities around the country.


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